16 May 2011

Surprise Exhibition

Kuš! had an exhibition in Liège, Belgium and didn't even know about it. It took place in the cultural centre La Zone from 2nd until 8th of May. David Krančan, Domen Finzgar and Mateusz Skutnik where there with the famous Stripburger exhibition Greetings from Cartoonia and  came up with the idea to make an homage to our The Last Match exhibition.

As you see here, it is a bit smaller than the real one, but all the same a very pretty show, which made us very proud!

 This above is the work by Mateusz Skutnik from Poland

Here you see the contribution by David Krančan (Slovenia)

 And finally Domen Finzgar (Slovenia)

Thank you very much for making this happen and giving us this special surprise!

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