20 June 2011

Kuš! on TV

Last week after the komiks presentation at VEF art center with Martins Zutis and Ruta Briede we also gave a small interview to LZK TV:

Unfortunately there are no subtitles. So in the beginning they say the presentation at the Art Centre showed that comics culture in Latvia is alive. The presenter says, it is better to once see kuš!, than longish talk about it... after which follows a rather long and uncut interview with us freezing on the beautiful roof of VEF. Well the questions were if kuš! is more popular abroad than in Latvia, to which we replied if we just look at the amount on exhibitions we currently make it might seem so... Another question was what is currently going on, for that we replied, that we have a new open call about female secrets, that we just had an exhibition in Poland, that we visit the Crack festival in Rome and that in two weeks we will release a special kuš! edition with Latvian artists of contemporary art. Well and then there were some other questions and we told some other replies. If you want to learn what, then you must learn Latvian, it is not so hard and will soon take over as world language, in Afghanistan they already start to speak Latvian now.

After this shivering interview we got to enjoy a concert by Gaujarts, also on the VEF roof:

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