25 June 2011

Some impressions from Ligatura

In the beginning of June we had the great chance to visit Ligatura again, this time with a quite big Latvian crew consisting of the editors David Schilter and Sanita Muizniece as well as the artists Martins Zutis, Ingrida Picukane and Oskars Pavlovskis. It was a very great festival where we met a lot of old and new faces, discovered outstanding comics art in the numerous exhibitions as well as during the extraordinary pitchings and the comic panels held, for example, by Aleksandar Zograf, Lucie Lomova, Andrzej Klimowski and Paul Gravett.

The first thing we did was visiting of the exhibition of experimental comics by kuš! # 8 contributor Agnieszka Piksa:

 After we had our own exhibition: the last match:

One of the absolute highlights was the exhibition of Maciej Sieńczyk works curated by Kuba Woynarowski:

Another highlight was the Eyjafjallajokull book launch and exhibition by the Krakow based group "Gili Gili":

The exhibition by Umulec magazine was presented in beautiful simplicity:

Here some pics of the pitching, which was won by Jay Wright (2nd: Jeroen Funke, 3rd: Boris Stanic)

One day Vladimir Palibrik and Boris Stanic took us to the flee market:

Somewhere in the city we also saw a big mural by BLU:

LE DERNIER CRI, at Ligatura represented by Leo Quievreux, had an exhibition of their amazing silkprints:

Ingrida Picukane unfortunately broke her leg and everybody became jealous, as she got so many nice drawings:

t is always especially enjoyable at Ligatura to meet lots of nice people (from top left to bottom right: Lucie Lomova, Markus Huber, Juanita, Jean-Paul II, ???, Ivana Armanini from Komikaze and Tomasz Niewiadomski) :

Always a good sign that a festival has been successful is that it makes you very tired:

Already now we look forward to the next edition of Ligatura and we are sending thousand thanks to the great festival hosts Anna and Michal!

Many thanks also to the Latvian State Culture Fund VKKF for supporting the trip!

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