27 June 2011

Everybody talks about Latvian komiksi

Well this is certainly slightly exaggerated, nonetheless we are happy that in the last month two academic books about comics were released, which both had articles about the Latvian comics scene.

On the one hand there was an article in the International Journal of Comic Art, published by the renown comic scholar John A. Lent from the USA. The IJOCA with it's 760 pages and lots of illustrations is bible sized and "aims to publish scholarly and readable research on any aspect of comic art, defined as animation, comic books, newspaper and magazine strips, caricature, gag and political cartoons, humorous art, and humor or cartoon magazines."

The pages about Latvia look like this (just an excerpt!) 
Next to the article about Latvian comics this issue features much more interesting articles and reports on International comics, for example "Embracing the Victimhood: A History of A-Bomb Manga in Japan" or "Dissecting the Antiheroine: The Sexual Transgressions of the Morally Ambiguous Heroine in Comics".

The second book featuring an article about Latvian comics is the Scientific comics magazine Zeszyty Komiksowe from Poland, published by Centrala. The issue 11 is dedicated to comics from Eastern Europe.

The Latvian article looks like this:

The book also features an exclusive comics by Latvian artist Ernests Klavins:

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  1. hihi, so funny and great lv generation change research material at the same time: to find the "we'll have a baby" comics of late 80s next to rūtas solitary man growing his "baby" gnome in the garden in 2011.