8 July 2011

Strange comics jams

Latvian artists where lucky to take part in two very special comics jams with international artists at the last Ligatura comics festival in Poland.

First here is the very impressive result of the comics jam initiated by Saša Rakezic:

Ingrida Picukane, Agnieszka Piksa, Martins Zutis, Boris Stanic, January N. Misiak and Aleksandar Zograf contributed to this drawing, which later was embroidered by Saša's wife Gordana Basta.

Saša tells: Gordana has started to work on embroideries made by my drawings since 2001, but in 2009 we started this "jam embroidery" thing. So when we were visiting comics events, we asked cartoonists to jam on a drawing together, and Gordana later did the needlework, which is a very slow process, because everything is done by hand, no machines whatsoever. 

After that, this embroidery along with others was presented at a comics exhibition in Graz organized by Tonto Comics:

The second comics jam was initiated by Ingrida Picukane. Here you can see comics activist Guido van Hengel drawing on her cast:

After Ligatura Ingrida took this very special traveling exhibition with contributions by Jeroen Funke, Léo Quiévreux, Tomasz Niewadiomski, Agnieszka Piksa, Martins Zutis, Oskars Pavlovkis, Aleksandar Zograf, Vladimir Palibrik, Boris Stanic, Dima Yakolev and lot of other international contributors on tour:
While Ingrida doesn't want to initiate any similar comics jam soon, we are all looking forward to take part in any other strange (or normal) comics jams in the near future!

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