27 June 2011


CRACK! mates (fltr: Kristofers, David, Simon, Frej (???) and Sebastian) interpreted by Kristofers Reidzans

CRACK! Fumetti dirompenti was certainly the most unique festival we ever attended. This years theme was 3D Revolution and the main guest were LE DERNIER CRI among dozens of other small press publishers, individual artists, musicians and performers. It was so impressing, it is hard to put in words and better than talk a long time about it, you got to visit it yourself. Watch out, once you get cracked, you will never feel the same again. As it was so special, we also have a special foto report, not in 3D, but with animated gifs...

The festival took place in an old fort with the greater part underground but also in the open air:

Here you can see some people we met (partly including Ivana Komikaza Armanini, Maik, Sebastian Borckenhagen, Simon Gärdenfors, Dunja Jankovic, Pakito Bolino, Yokogaga, Akwile, Frej Larsson, Fredox, Vuk and Vladimir Palibrik, Marlene Krause, Kilian and Amanda from Anatheme, Goulven Derrien and much much more):

There where dozens of impressing exhibitions in the tunnels:

This was our kuš! selling table with 2D comics, 3D snacks and 1A champagne:

At the other side of the table thousands of people passed by, some of which also stopped:

We also got a visit by the extended Milk and Wodka crew from the Swiss alps including our hero König Lü.Q.

Also lots of dogs made a visit...

... and other animals were floating around outside:

Thousand thanks to Valerio and his great crew for inviting us and for organizing this very amazing festival!!!
photo credit: gif me more

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