26 December 2011

remember planking?

Well planking is soooo yesterday! It is followed by a much smarter trend: kušing. It is also easier, just hold the newest issue of (ku)š! in your face (or somewhere else) and take a picture. Here are some samples:



  (3) E-mail attachment by König Lü.Q.

You surely don't want to miss out on this, so better get yourself a copy of š! # 9 'female secrets' or of any other (ku)š! You can also be part of it by just reading (ku)š! without taking any picture. Suit yourself!

There are no limits to kušing. Also reverse kušing is much fun as you can see in pic 8. Feel free to send us your kušing pics, or just do it in private, like lots of others. So far, apart from procrastination, there are no reports of adverse effects by this!

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  1. http://papergirldublin.tumblr.com/post/17176520525/got-this-deadly-little-latvian-comic-anthology-in
    It's such a nice comic guys, well done.