18 December 2011

š! 'midnight sun' portraits

In November we released our special Finnish issue: š! #8 'midnight sun' (get your copy here). It contains comics from some of the best current comics artists from Finland. John Porcellino commented it like this: "The new issue is the ALL-FINNISH issue, and if you're an aficionado of European comics, you know the Finnish are producing some of the most brilliant and cutting-edge comics today. Featuring an all-star cast of contributors. Highly recommended!". What wasn't mentioned here so far is, that also Latvian artist contributed to this issue! They didn't make comics, but they drew portraits of each Finnish artists for our bio pages, and now we would like to share them with you also here:

Jari Vaara drawn by Martins Zutis

Jarno Latva-Nikkola drawn by Dace Sietina

Jyrki Heikkinen drawn by Sasa Davidovs

 Katri Sipiläinen drawn by Ernests Klavins

Ville Hänninen drawn by Aivars Baranovs

To see more of the inside of this issue you can take a look at our website or our tumblr or well, best is you really get yourself a real copy!


  1. these are so awesome! And such a cool idea, great way for me to find new artists :)