28 March 2012

š! #10 Sea Stories is out!

Ahoi! The Sea is huge and deep, holding uncountable stories for you... we have gathered a few on 148 pages by 29 international artists and want to share them with you! Here are some foggy impressions from š! #10 "Sea Stories"!

Cover by Maciej Sieńczyk (Poland).  
Artists:  Ābols (Latvia), Akvilė Misevičiūtė (Lithuania), Andrea Bruno (Italy), Anete Lielpētere (Latvia), Anete Matvejeva (Latvia), Anna Vaivare (Latvia), Ansis Puriņš (USA), Box Brown (USA), Dace Sietiņa (Latvia), Éndrjü (Latvia), KJ Martinet (USA), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Laila Milevski (USA), Lars Sjunnesson (Sweden), Laura Ķeniņa (Canada), Luka Va (Lithuania), Maciej Sieńczyk (Poland), Maré Odomo (USA), Martha Verschaffel (Belgium), Martiņš Zutis (Latvia), Max Baitinger (Germany), Mikus Duncis (Latvia), Noah Van Sciver (USA), Oskars Veilands-Kustikovs (Latvia), Patryk Mogilnicki (Poland), Richard Short (England), Rūta Briede (Latvia), Simon H (Austria), Tetsu Kayama (Japan).

Maciej Sieńczyk (Poland)

Andrea Bruno


Martha Verschaffel

Simon H

Ansis Puriņš

Anna Vaivare

Maré Odomo
Maré Odomo and Dace Sietiņa

Luka Va and Box Brown

Anete Lielpētere and Laura Ķeniņa

Mikus Duncis

Laila Milevski and Noah Van Sciver

Anete Matvejeva and Lars Sjunnesson

Lars Sjunnesson

KJ Martinet

Max Baitinger

Akvilė Misevičiūtė and Tetsu Kayama


Richard Short

Maciej Sieńczyk

Maciej Sieńczyk and Patryk Mogilnicki
Rūta Briede 

Martiņš Zutis

 A6, 148 pages, full-color, perfect bound, English
You can get a full colour copy either at our Ecrater webshop or on our webpage for 12$. (Worldwide shipping is included in price!) Several copies you can find also in shops in Riga, soon will be available at bookstores around the world.

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