30 April 2012

Drink & Draw with the King

König Lü.Q. from Switzerland is currently on his royal visit in Latvia and on this occasion he invited local comics artists to join him on a comics jam. A fun evening of drinking, talking and not the least - drawing comics - followed.

Lü.Q. regularly organizes comics jams in Basel and so we did the comics jam in Riga in the same manner. Basically everyone gets a piece of paper and starts a comics, after a panel puts it in the middle of the table and randomly continues a story someone else has started. To see who drew what, we made a table of symbols:

Everybody puts their symbol in their panels. After three hours we drew about 30 comics of which Lü.Q. will print a fanzine. Some of them we would like to share with you already now. Click on the pics to get them in a readable size.

We enjoyed this comic jam very much and already look forward to the next one. Unfortunately not with König Lü.Q. anymore, but with other special guests from France. If you read the event section of our website you can guess who...

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