1 May 2012

Royal Visit

König Lü.Q., regular kuš! contributor and Swiss fanzine king, visited Latvia. Proudly we hosted him in the kuš! headquarters on the edge of Riga. Trying to be good hosts, and proudly showing off what the local art scene has to offer, we took him to an exhibition at the Tornakalns train station. In the next picture you can see König Lü.Q. admiring his favourite piece featuring Latvia's heraldic animal.

Conveniently at the train station also a train arrived which took us to Jurmala beach, where König Lü.Q. was reading the newest issue of š! about the sea at the sea.

On our way to see a match of the Latvian football league (FK Spartak against FK Meta) we passed by some strange looking garden gnomes, which the King immediately embosomed.

The football game was full of action with lots of fouls and even some goals (3-1 for Spartak).

After so much fun and pleasure King Lü.Q. didn't forget about his royal duties and lead a comics jam for a bunch of kuš! artists. More about that you can read here.

Unfortunately the visit is already over as Lü.Q. has to go back to Switzerland to take care of his daily obligations, but we didn't let him go before signing some copies of our latest issue.

If you are fast you can get one of them here and become a proud owner of an original signature by King Lü.Q. We are already looking forward to the next audience by his highness!

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