21 September 2012

Comics Jamming

Yesterday we had another one of our monthly "drink & draw" sessions. Imagine, besides drinking and talking we actually really drew!

First we warmed up with copying each others work. So the task was to draw a dog in the style of some of the attending artists. In the next picture you can see how everyone tried to draw a dog in the style of Martins Zutis. In the end he himself also drew a dog. So can you spot the original?

Next pictures-same system, different artists: Oskars Pavlovskis:

Ernests Klavins:

Ingrida Picukane:

Anna Vaivare:

Laura Kenins:

And we also copied Aivars Baranovs, but can't find the picture anymore. Well it sure was interesting! Wonder if anyone of you can spot the original artist? Next time we will do cats!

So after this warm-up we made some jam comics. Like this one which was supposed to be inspired by manga, but must be read from left-to-right. I guess there is just not enough mangas here in Latvia, as this mistake is not really excusable.

The next comics we tried to make in the style of fanzine star König Lü.Q. 

This was an attempt to make an abstract comics:

This one was inspired by everyone's favourite tv series from childhood:

 ...and the rest was some random comics jamming:

That's it! Next time we will have some special guests from Austria again and we'll try to jam with them.

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