20 September 2012

CUNE comics residencies

Kuš! is a project partner of the CUNE comics residency program. In 2013 CUNE will start with the first pilot residencies in Helsinki, Tallinn and also Riga! After that the residency program will hopefully continue and might also be extended to more destinations. Currently artists from the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands can apply for the residencies.

illustration by Ingrīda Pičukāne

The artists will be selected according to their project proposals. For Riga the main focus will be on new art production. The artist can freely create his/her own individual comics project, or prepare a small exhibition to be shown in Riga. During their stay, the artist are encouraged to take part in Kuš!’s monthly comics jam event and get to know the local scene. The 4-week Riga residency will take place in April 2013. The residency flat is either on a house boat on the river Daugava or in the city centre of Riga provided in cooperation with NOASS.

To find out more about the application process and the residencies in Tallinn and Helsinki you should visit the Nordicomics website.

Comics artists from Scandinavia also have the chance to make a Nordicomics Island residency in  Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland or Åland. The first application is also open for Baltic artists, in case there are no applications by Scandinavians, the Baltic artists get a chance to go. More info about that you find here.

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