21 January 2013

kuš! goes Angouleme

We were the lucky ones who won this beautiful cat at BD Angouleme last year. Its orange color indicates that it is the PRIX DE LA BANDE DESSINÉE ALTERNATIVE, the alternative comics award.  So this year we get to go there to attend the festival and have a stand!

We'll be standing in the special section of the ‘bulle’ or tent called the Espace BD Alternative. This is at the far end of the Nouveau Monde tent in the Place New York, opposite the Town Theatre. Here’s a section of the exhibitors’ map with kuš! indicated at F26 (above), so you can find us. (We copied this text from Paul Gravett and just exchanged the booth number and our name, as he is the one who knows stuff like that).

Come and take a look at our books. We specially saved a bunch of š! #9 'female secrets' (above staring at you with the green eyes) for this occasion, as it is the book which got us the title. We also take along a lot of other books, which we don't want to take home again. So come and also buy something, like these new mini kuš!.

In case you are interested to find out more about us, we'll also be doing an interview there, here is the official info: "Samedi 2 février 2013  • La bande dessinée alternative. La revue lituanienne Kus a reçu le Prix de la bande dessinée alternative au Festival d’Angoulême en 2012. Le Festival est le premier en France à distinguer ainsi les fanzines et autres collectifs d’édition, toujours débordants d’inventions graphiques. Animé par Camilla Patruno.  Conservatoire, 11 h, salle Gershwin" We are still from Latvia (Letonie), so the rest of the info should be perfectly true.

We are very excited to finally visit this famous festival! Looks like we'll be quite busy - when we will not sit at the booth, it seems we will have to help this year's jury to decide the next winner for the PRIX DE LA BANDE DESSINÉE ALTERNATIVE. There are some very great contestants, take a look here: http://www.bdangouleme.com/194,prix-de-la-bd-alternative and see you soon in Angouleme! 

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