27 February 2013

Don't miss!

If you are ready to wake up from hibernation, we have a bunch of comics competitions and other opportunities to recommend to you.

The regular kuš! blog readers might have found all of the recommendations already right here on our blog's "don't miss" section (column on the right side). We regularly update it with links to events, open calls and competitions, which we personally like and want to advise to others. Now we'd like to say a few words about some of the upcoming ones:

11.03.2013: CUNE residency deadline

CUNE CIR gives comics artists a chance to work at an art residency in Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki and Malmo. A great opportunity to focus on your work, get new inspiration in a foreign city and get to know the local comics scenes. The residencies are mainly for artists from northern Europe, but all Europeans can apply by sending a very simple application. 

15.03.2013: Ligatura pitching deadline

The Ligatura pitchings is the right time and place to promote your comics project and find a publisher. Artists from Central Europe are invited to present their ideas in front of an international jury. The most interesting projects will be published by Centrala in Poland, and maybe somewhere else. It's like sport, most important is not to win, but to take part to win!

31.03.2013: Ligatura Silence Competition

Send your wordless comics to this competition. A jury will select their favorite stories to be published in the Silence Anthology. If you are very lucky, then you can also win money!

08.05.2013: Kuti submission deadline

Kuti is one of our favorite comics anthologies, each issue is full of surprises and showcases some of the craziest comics art from all around the world. We recommend everybody to send them your comics and become famous in Finland.

30.06.2013: ComiX4= Comics for Equality

Migrants and second-generation migrants from any place in the world living now in Europe are invited to send previously unpublished comics to fight racism, tell stories of migration and get rid of stereotypes. The term migrant is used in a wide meaning and also applies if you, for example, moved from Austria to Switzerland, or even if your mother or father did - you count as second-generation immigrant and can also take part. It is worth it! You can win a nice money award and later get invited to a conference at the Bilbolbul 2014 festival and to hold workshops around Europe as well as your work travels around Europe in an exhibition. And if you are not among the 6 winners, you still contribute for a good cause! 

30.06.2013: Nordic Comics Competition

The Helsinki Nordic Comics Competition is looking for new children's comics! The competition is open to all Nordic and Baltic comic artists and also to artists currently living in those countries. The competition will also produce a Finnish-language anthology from the comics and publish it at the Helsinki Comics Festival 6th September 2013. 

??.??.???? Kuš! Open Call

Lots of people also ask if kuš! is making any international open calls for a new issue of š!.
Well, the answer is - no, we are not. Last time around we just received way too many works and it feels unfair to turn down so many great comics. It feels also quite strange because it seems that more people like to participate than actually read our issues. Anyway, we always look for new artists, so if you'd like to present your work to us, just send an e-mail us and some links (don't send us tons of attachments). We look at all the mails and sometimes even answer them. For the moment though we will continue just to make open calls for Latvians.

That's all for now, loads of great opportunities to share your work! If you have more suggestions of comics opportunities we should promote, just write a comment. These are just a small selection of the best ones we can recommend right now. We will update them regularly in the right row of this blog. Soon we will also reveal some newa about the first Latvian Comics Award, but currently that is still a secret, so "kuš!".

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