6 July 2013

The Last Match, Graz

kuš! currently exhibits an extended The Last Match exhibition at the Forum Stadtpark in Graz, Austria. The exhibition can still be visited until the 20th of July. In case Graz is not on your way, here you can see what you miss. 

The exhibition was set up by kuš! editor David Schilter and the artists Dace Sietina and Martins Zutis, who made a special installation and wall paintings.

The exhibition shows 343 tiny artworks about the last match by comics artists and illustrators from 52 different countries, the works are unpacked from 14 matchboxes and displayed in one row on the walls of the Forum.

detail view of Dace Sietina's wallpainting

In the vulcanos of the installation are short animations by KIIN (Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser), Markus Haefliger & Anja Wicki and by Ernests Klavins.

The Forum is infested by horseflies (created by Dace).

Next to tiny artworks, there are also tiny books on the kuš! reading table.

This is us proudly posing in the exhibition.

After Graz the exhibition will grow further and travel on to Slovenia in November and probably more places in the future. So if you missed it now, there might be another chance for you to see it.