5 June 2013

kuš! exhibition in Graz!

kuš! is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition at the Forum Stadtpark in Graz, Austria!

flyer by Dace Sietina

We will show an extended version of the growing and traveling THE LAST MATCH exhibition. At the opening on Friday the 21st of June kuš! editor David Schilter and the artists Dace Sietina and Martins Zutis will be present.

The exhibition shows 336 tiny artworks by comics artists and illustrators from 52 different countries, a special installation by Dace Sietina and Martins Zutis, short animations by KIIN (Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser), Markus Haefliger & Anja Wicki and by Ernests Klavins as well as a cozy kuš! reading corner.

The exhibition takes place at the Forum Stadtpark and is supported by the Latvian Embassy in Austria.

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