28 August 2013

š! #14 'Sports' and mini kuš! #14-17

Twenty-two international comics artists contributed stories to the Baltic Comics Magazine š! #14 'Sports', which as the name says, is a comics anthology from the Baltics about sports. Not all of the artists taking part consider themselves very sportive, but anyway have very colorful, exciting and sweaty stories to tell. About basketball, cycling, ping pong, roller derby. quidditch and much more …

The four new mini kuš! by Tiina Lehikoinen, Heta Bilaletdin, Emelie Östergren and Inés Estrada are little 28-pages-books with comics each by the mentioned artists on a slightly wider theme named 'modern heroes', but are as diverse and crazy as it can get.

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Now here's some more details and preview pics to each book:

š! #14 'Sports'

Cover by Amanda Baeza

Contributors: Amanda Baeza (Chile/Portugal), Anna Vaivare (Latvia), Conor Stechschulte (USA), Dace Sietiņa (Latvia/The Netherlands), Dāvis Ozols (Latvia), Emelie Östergren (Sweden), Ernests Kļaviņš (Latvia), Jeroen Funke (The Netherlands), Josh White (USA), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Lai Tat Tat Wing (Hong Kong), Luka Va (Lithuania), Marc M. Gustà (Spain), Marlene Krause (Germany), Mārtiņš Zutis (Latvia), Michel Esselbrügge (Germany), Michiel Budel (The Netherlands), Mikus Duncis (Latvia), Nicolas Zouliamis (Belgium), Ratigher (Italy), Rūta Daubure (Latvia), Søren Mosdal (Denmark)

Summary: š! # 14 'Sports', Format A6, 22 artists, 164 pages, full-color, perfect bound, English, locally printed in Riga on environmentally friendly paper, ISBN 978-9934-518-05-8, released on the 27th of August, 2013

Preview pics:

 Ernests Kļaviņš

 mini kuš! # 14 'The Pernicious Kiss', Tiina Lehikoinen

The story 'The Pernicious Kiss' by the Finnish poet and artist Tiina Lehikoinen is about a modern hero who has a horse head. He seeks love, but it's not easy to find a kissing-partner if you have a face like his… 

Format: A6, 28 pages, saddle stitch binding, full-color, English


 mini kuš! # 15 'Hideous Fiesta', Heta Bilaletdin

“How dare you have a party on a day like this?” The comics collage 'Hideous Fiesta' by the Finnish visual artist and musician Heta Bilaletdin is a story about a mysterious party and questions of freedom. 

Format: A6, 28 pages, saddle stitch binding, full-color, English


mini kuš! #14 and 15 are published with the financial assistance of FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange.  They are  part of a series of four Finnish mini kuš!, showcasing the work of young Finnish comics artists. The other two Finnish mini kuš! (# 10 and 11) came out in January 2013.

mini kuš! # 16 'Runaway Dog', Emelie Östergren

“Once I was in Riga and you were there in front of me. In a basket of an old lonely lady you laid there with two other alfs and you where the one, Alvie. Then I said, I will make a story about you.” Emelie Östergren’s 'Runaway Dog' is a story about Alvie and the dog Moses finding each other in a difficult time in life. A story full of happiness and joy as well as loneliness and struggling. Simple and beautiful.

Format: A6, 28 pages, saddle stitch binding, full-color, English


 mini kuš! # 17 'Borrowed Tails', Inés Estrada

Inés Estrada’s 'Borrowed Tails' is a collection of short comics based on overheard stories and imagined anecdotes. Intimate and feminine, in the most wild and unabashed sense, her acid watercolors transform the mundane into the magic.

Format: A6, 28 pages, saddle stitch binding, full-color, English


Ready, set, get all these books from our webstore or at a bookshop near you and become as happy as our neighbouring ants...

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