10 June 2014

mini kuš! summer releases!

kuš! releases four new mini kuš! in the end of June

Right in time for the beach four new mini kuš! are released. Coming out on the 26th of June will be stories by the Latvian artists Oskars Pavlovskis, Rūta & Anete Daubure, Anna Vaivare and by the Finnish artist Roope Eronen!

You can now order each of the books from the kuš! webshop separately for $ 6.00 each or also as collection for 18.00 $ (worldwide shipping costs already included in the price). Each book has 24 pages + cover, English text, full color offset print on high quality paper (Munken), saddle stitch binding, format DIN A6.In case you'd also like to get the following kuš! releases, then you can get a subscription here.

Preview of all the covers and some inside pages:

mini kuš! #22 'Lucky', Oskars Pavlovskis

Meet Lucky, the self-proclaimed business expert, who specializes in selling stolen rearview mirrors. Oskars Pavlovskis’ slick hero is bound to teach you some valuable new marketing strategies. Reading the story in a slight Eastern-European accent is recommended.

mini kuš! #23 'Domino', Rūta & Anete Daubure

Robér takes care of the world’s balance. On his day off he’s powerless - accidents start to develop and Robér worries that everything will collapse. Domino is written by Anete Daubure and drawn by her sister Rūta Daubure.

mini kuš! #24 'Swimming Pool', Anna Vaivare 

Anna Vaivare’s protagonist works at the Swimming Pool. She enjoys observing people while keeping herself almost invisible doing her work. When you least expect it she herself plunges into the water and unveils her special secret.

mini kuš! #25 'Magnetism', Roope Eronen 

Magnetism is a science fiction story by the Finnish artist Roope Eronen. It tells about a spontaneous business meeting in the world of the future. Swallow the magnet and join the adventure...

Ok, place your order, lean back and soon your mailbox will be filled with lots of beautiful new comics from the North of Europe! In case you don't trust internet transactions, just wait, in July the mini kuš! will also be available at select bookshops around the world.

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