28 October 2014

mini kuš! Fall 2014 releases

kuš! releases four new mini kuš! in the middle of November

While the leaves keep falling from the trees and lose their colors, we are ready to cheer you up with the release of four new mini kuš!. Coming out on the 11th of November will be some experimental and eye-opening mini comics by the international artists Jyrki Heikkinen (Finland), Jesse Jacobs (Canada), Zane Zlemeša (Latvia) and Disa Wallander (Sweden).

You can now order each of the little books from the kuš! webshop separately for $6 each or also as collection for 18$ (worldwide shipping costs already included in the price!). In case you'd also like to get the following kuš! releases, then you can get a subscription here. Also š! #19 is coming out soon and we offer the minis in a bundle with that here.

Each book has 24 pages + cover, full color offset print (locally printed in Riga) on high quality environmentally friendly paper, saddle stitch binding, format DIN A6.

Preview of all the covers and some inside pages:

mini kuš! #26 'Little Hilma', Jyrki Heikkinen

In Jyrki Heikkinen’s Little Hilma, a busy father does not always have time to read to his children. But luckily a teacher-to-be is found at a surprising location and minor worries can be forgotten.

mini kuš! #27 'Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis', Jesse Jacobs

Within the pages of Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis, Jesse Jacobs has solved all the world's largest problems. The answer is much smaller than you think.


mini kuš! #28 'Collector', Zane Zlemeša

Zane Zlemeša’s Collector is a story about an average guy and his passion. In everyday life you never know who these collectors are, it’s just a coincidence that this one is a photographer.


mini kuš! #29 'Remember This?', Disa Wallander

Remember This? When were you where and how? What do you think about what you think about stuff? Should you memorize memories or just trust the smell to bring them back? Disa Wallander‘s story will confuse you, perhaps it's best not to think about it?

Winner of the mini kuš! competition!

You know you need them! Here's where to place your order. Do it and you can lean back and soon your mailbox will be filled with lots of challenging new comics!

P.S. Does anyone know why blogspot makes all the pictures turn grey? In reality all those pages are much clearer, you can see them in this kushkomikss facebook album.

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