16 October 2014

... so who is the artist of mini kuš! #29?

After receiving over 80 submissions from 73 artists for our crazy three day mini open call we've been reading over 1800 comics pages from all over the world. Contributions came not only from the Baltics, but also from almost every country from the rest of Europe and also from the USA, Australia, Columbia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates to name a few. Phew, we though we just make a tiny little open call and our mailbox exploded (seriously though, googel now tells us to upgrade our account).

Now you probably really want to know whose mini kuš! we selected. Here you go, that's her:  

It's this artist with this huge pencil, proving it's  a wrong preconception that for a mini kuš! you only need a mini pencil. No no, this is how you draw a mini kuš!.

Her name is Disa Wallander, remember this!  

And what will the mini kuš! be about? Will it be a comic? How will it look like, and who will be the artists of the mini kuš! #26, 27 and 28? And where can I order them? And why are there question marks all over the screen? These are a lot of very good questions we will try to answer them next Tuesday. The picture above (by Disa Wallander of course!) gives you a little hint already. Or not?

For sure is, we love the book and are quite certain you will too! Disa is an extremely talented artist and after her mini kuš! you will want to read much more of her works. Here's another secret: you can also read more already before. A bunch of them on her website here: http://www.disawallander.com/ and also on issuu: http://issuu.com/asidisa/

If you're active on social networks you should also follow her on twitter or on twitter and also on tumblr and on many more other sites.

If you like to get to know her even better, check out this video feature about her:

The mini kuš! will be released very soon! Follow also us on twitter or facebook or tumblr and get the newest news. Meanwhile to bridge the gap read the previous mini kuš! (or š! if you prefer shorter stories).

Huge thanks to everyone who sent their works! It was exciting to read so many comics and we discovered quite a bunch of artists with whom we'll be happy to work with on future projects, some are even already in the making...

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