5 July 2016

š! #25 coming out soon!

š! #25 'Gaijin Mangaka' will be a very a special issue, Paul Gravett sums it up best in his introduction to this book:

"Something extraordinary is happening right now in the wider global manga movement outside Japan, a further sea-change in its irrepressible revolution and evolution, and this special issue of kuš! captures a vital snapshot of this through brand-new work by some key current innovators working outside Japan. From the ceaseless two-way ebb-and-flow of influences between manga and Western comics, Berliac and David Schilter have gathered an exciting crop of contemporary ‘gaijin mangaka’, so-called ‘foreign comics creators’, predominantly young writer-artists from Europe and North and South America."

š! #25 'Gaijin Mangaka', will be released 26 July 2016

Cover: Berliac (Argentina) Contributors: Andrés Magán (Spain), Aseyn (France), Ben Marcus (USA), Berliac (Argentina), Daylen Seu (USA), Dilraj Mann (UK), GG (Canada), Gloria Rivera (USA), Hetamoé (Portugal), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Luis Yang (Spain), Mickey Zacchilli (USA), Nou (USA), Vincenzo Filosa (Italy), xuh (Poland). Coeditor: Berliac With an introduction by: Paul Gravett (UK)

Format: A6, 164 pages, full-color, perfect bound, high quality and environmentally friendly Munken paper.

Get it:  Pre-order it for $13.95 from our webshop or get a kuš! subscription and receive also the next kuš! titles.

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To read the whole issue and discover how West meets East, you can pre-order š! #25 'Gaijin Mangaka' here.

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