1 November 2017

kuš! fall season 2017

This fall we shook hard on the kuš! tree and got the biggest harvest of the last 10 years.

We're very happy to present you seven tasty new books by Latvian and international artists!

Preview and get them here:

- š! #30 'Brooklyn, guest-edited by Gabe Fowler

You should definately get these books to enjoy a more colorful autumn! 

'Fenix' by Zane Zlemeša will be released at the same time as the exhibition of her work in Micēlijs  on 3 November in Riga. 

On 8 November will be a release party of š! #30 at Desert Island in Brooklyn.

All of our seven new titles will be internationally debuting at CAB in Brooklyn on 11 November at the kuš! table M2! Also come to pick up a free copy of the special international issue of Smoke Signal, guest edited by kuš!