29 January 2018

kuš! winter season 2018

Does anyone read blogs anymore? We'll let's make this post short, as you can find all the info on our site www.komikss.lv. So after a brief period of hybernation we are back with five new titles. In February we'll release four new mini kuš! and a new š! comics anthology.

Excerpt from Léo Quievreux's comic in š! #31 

The mini kuš! #63-66 by Abraham Díaz (Mexico), Pedro Franz (Brazil), Francisco Sousa Lobo (Portugal) and Roman Muradov (Russia) will bring you to some dark corners of this world.

The new anthology š! #31 is dedicated to visitors and contains artists that visited us in Riga, or at least planned to, and some we visited abroad. A nice reunion of many kuš! artists we have released over the last 10 years, as well as some new ones in the club!

Each mini comes in A6 format and has 28 pages in full color with saddle stitch binding. The š! anthology is also full color, perfect bound and has 163 pages. These books will be released on 13 February, 2018.

You can pre-order the 4 mini kuš! together at a special price here or get each mini kuš! separately here, the anthology you can get here. In case you'd also like to get the following š! issues and mini kuš! releases, get a kuš! subscription here.


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