20 December 2012

Hot releases for cold January!

We are happy to announce the release of four new mini kuš! These comics, which are in line with the vague mini kuš! overall theme "modern heroes" will be released on January 15th, 2013. 

Each mini kuš! is in our beloved A6 format, has 28 pages and comes in full color in English language with Latvian subtitles, except #12, which has no subs. Now you can already pre-order them from our webshop.

mini kuš! #10 'Otso' by Mari Ahokoivu

Otso, Kontio, Karhu, Bære, Bear, Ours, Meška, Lācis… – Mari Ahokoivu’s fearless hero has many names. Join him for a dreamy adventure through space and time! 

mini kuš! #11 'All You Need Is Love' by Emmi Valve

Emmi Valve’s autobiographical comics All You Need Is Love is a story about friendship and how we should appreciate the love we already have in our lives, instead of just dreaming of a romance or thinking we are alone (when we really are not). 

mini kuš! #10 and 11 are published with the financial assistance of FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange.  They are  part of a series of four Finnish mini kuš!, showcasing the work of four young Finnish comics artists. The comics were specially created for this series. The other two Finnish mini kuš! are planned to come out in late spring 2012.

mini kuš! #12 'Historyjki' by Maciej Sieńczyk

Polish artist Maciej Sieńczyk is a collector of curiosities who can recognize a silhouette of a giant ram in a group of nomadic hunters, find singing faces hidden in fluffs of dust and who is able to see a shape of a miserably clad fellow formed of some food stuck in a sleeping man's mouth. Read Historyjki with Sieńczyk’s tales and decide whether it is a kingdom of phantasy, or simply reality, yet very well contemplated.

This mini kuš! collects six stories by Maciej Sieńczyk, previously published by Lampa i Iskra Boża in the books 'Wrzątkun' and 'Przygody na bezludnej wyspie', but have never before been translated! Co-producer of this book is Orbis Pictus Poland.

mini kuš! #13 'Our Library' by Amanda Baeza

Based on a true story, Amanda Baeza’s comics Our Library tells the colorful tale of how a previously abandoned house can become a threat to law and order. This Library isn't a closed book! 

'Our Library' is the winner of the mini kuš! contest. Within only 24 days 17 artists from all around the world sent us submissions. Huge congratulations to Amanda Baeza from Portugal for this amazing little book! We are very happy to spread her work and promise you will enjoy it!

Each of these little books costs 6.00 US Dollars in our webshop, or 18.00 $ if you order all of them together, the shipping costs are already included in the price. You can now pre-order them, or wait until the January 15th, when they will be out and also distributed to shops. Some more preview pics you can see in the kuš! webshop and on the kuš! website.

If you would like to stock them write to komikss(at)gmail(dot)com and ask us about our wholesale conditions.

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