27 December 2018


 We're excited to announce the open call for participants and organisations for the first co-working meeting within the international strategic partnership project "ComEdu: Comics for Education"!

Supported by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme, together with partners: Mondo (Estonia) and Rotaj Jovem (Portugal) we are bringing together 20 youth workers and artists to develop something new - comics for non-formal education of young people!

If you are a comic artist, illustrator, student of arts, self-taught artist, a youth worker or youth educator from Latvia, Estonia and Portugal - take a look and apply for the one-week international co-working meeting "ComEdu: Creating Comics for Education" that will take place from 28 January - 3 February 2019 in Latvian countryside!

The international team - comic artist Amanda Baeza (http://amanda-baeza.tumblr.com/) (Portugal/Chile), non-formal education facilitator Sintija Lase abd comics editor Sanita Muižniece - will be there every step of the way. Lots of inspiration, experiments and sleepless night of 24-hour comics marathon guaranteed!

Application deadline: January 11, 2019,  apply here: https://ej.uz/ComEduLV
More info:


If you are a member of an organization in Latvia, Estonia or Portugal and your organization is engaged in youth work or education, and you have facts, messages, processes, stories or concepts that need to be explained in a visual manner of comic language for better educational experience for young people, we may help! 
Share your ideas or needs here by 11 January 2019!

How it works: you share your idea or need for a visualization with us, and we will select the most suitable ones to work on with our artists (1-2 comics for each country). We will visualize your content during the project. For free! The only thing you need to make sure of is that the created materials are widely used and available for free in youth education afterwards.

More information about the project ComEdu: COMICS FOR EDUCATION:

We will contact the selected participants by 15 January and organizations by 21 January 2019 (at latest)!

If you have any questions write us to sanita.muizniece (at) gmail (dot) com


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