14 February 2019

š! #34 'Redrawing Stories from the Past II' preview

In the beginning of March we'll release š! #34 'Redrawing Stories from the Past'. An anthology about emigration during the Second World War, offering a new perspective on a present we all share.

This issue is the sequel of š! #23. Like its predecessor, it collects comics drawn by four young European artists, shedding light on one of the darkest periods of our past. With a focus on twelve different countries, they tell the story of flight and migration as a consequence of National Socialism. All comics are based on historic documents researched for the 'Redrawing Stories from the Past' project.

Cover: Alice Socal (Italy) Contributors: Lina Itagaki (Lithuania), Emilie Josso (France), Julia Kluge (Germany), Alice Socal (Italy) and a postscript by Ole Frahm (Germany)

Project Organization: MitOst e.V. Project Partner: Goethe-Institut Neapel, Goethe-Institut Rom

Project Website: redrawingstoriesfromthepast.com

Format: A6, 248 pages, full-color, perfect bound, printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Get it: Pre- order it for $ 14.95 from our webshop (worldwide shipping included in price)


Alice Socal 

 Emilie Josso

 Julia Kluge

 Lina Itagaki

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