12 June 2011

Take part in (ku)š! # 9 "female secrets"

After a little break we finally have an open call and you are very invited to take part in (ku)š! – well, if you are a woman… For this issue we discriminate all the men and just invite female artist to contribute stories about the theme “female secrets”. You can interpret it very freely and experiment how you want, we are interested to get very different works.

Here are the details of participation:
- Theme: Female Secrets (Just female artists)
- Form: Comics (or illustrations)
- Language: English or Latvian
- Format: DIN A6, width 105mm × height 148mm (+ 3 mm cut off space! In case of spreads, the details shouldn’t be in the middle, as the book will be glued and the very middle is hard to see. The original artwork can be bigger than A6 of course. Often it looks better if it is smaller in the printed version…)
- Colors: Yes, CMYK (will be printed on Munken Print Cream)
- Resolution: 300 dpi, as tiff or PDF preferably (for review purpose please first just send Low Res files)
- Pages: maximum 12
- other details: Would be good, if you give the story a name, this you can write as title on the first page, artist names will be mentioned by us on every page next to page number and we will also write a short biography about you in the back of the book. You can send also more than one work if you want. However usually we just publish one work by each artists, but it is nice if you let us choose…
- Deadline: 1. September 2011
- submit to kushmens(at)gmail(.)com

- "remuneration": 1 kilo of š! = about 5 pieces...

Please make sure you understand all the details, if you have any questions write us to kushmens(at)gmail(.)com. You sending us works doesn’t give a guarantee that we will publish it. We unfortunately have to reject works for very different reasons. However we are happy about any contributions and if it doesn’t work out with a publication in this issue, we still keep you and your work in mind for future projects.
More info about kuš! you can find on our website www.komikss.lv 


- As we receive a lot of entries, we want to ask you, to just send us LOW RES files, as it takes a lot of time to download and  our inbox could get overloaded! However please keep your high res (300 dpi) files ready, if we decide to publish your work, we will contact you to send them.

- Please don't send more than 3 contributions

- Don't send files wich are not suited for printing in A6 (width 105mm × height 148mm)

- If you have any other questions feel free to comment here, or send us an e-mail 


  1. By the way... we are happy that for this issue we will have for the first time also a guest editor: Ryan Sands from the US, see more details about him here: http://torontocomics.com/ryan-sands/

  2. Sounds awesome, but I can't help but to be terribly amused that it's being edited by a guy... How does that thematically jive?

  3. By the way, we write everyone within max. 7 days a confirmation mail, if we received the comics. So if you don't hear from us, better contact us again, as we already found some contributions in our spam folder.

  4. Hi!
    I have a question - when you say about those 3 mm cut off space, do you mean you cut of those 105 mm & 148 mm or we should add 3 mm to 105&148 in our files to be cut later?

  5. Hi Никой

    You should add 3mm to it all. Because printers van't cut so exactly, there needs to be some part of the pictures they can cut off. An explanation why you can find here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleed_%28printing%29 Well it is not needed for all submissions, just if the drawings are supposed to go to the edge of the page, if you have a white frame around, then the bleed is not needed. Well printing is complicated:)

  6. Ok, thanks for the info! :)

  7. We are currently selecting the works we like to publish for this issue. With 164 pages it will be thicker than any previous one. With an amazing 97 artists submitting works it will unfortunately not be possible to publish everything we like. However the ones we do publish we will contact within the next two weeks and hope also the others will take again part in our next open call, all your submissions impressed us very much!!!