8 March 2012

l'ultimo fiammifero

On Friday, 2nd of March we opened our "The Last Match" exhibition at one of the most beautiful comics festivals in Europe: Bilbolbul in Bologna! The exhibition has already traveled around quite a bit and during this time has also grown. Currently it includes 305 micro-sized works by artists from 51 countries. To make this exhibition even more special we especially invited several artists to make animations and therefore there are also three short films by KIIN (Ines Christine Geisser and Kirsten Carina Geisser), Markus Haefliger & Anja Wicki and by Ernests Klavins.

So let us share some impressions with you:

Match sticks are mounted to the wall

Anete Melece is drawing a huge television for the animation screening

Gregor Hinz helps with the wall paintings, drawing a cute bird...

... and here feeling like a dwarf painting one of the huge matchboxes.

The red shirts make aggressive: curator David Schilter is impressed how in dwarf world you can use a match as a threatening weapon.

Despite goofing around a lot we managed to open the exhibition right in time... (doesn't everyone look tiny behind these matchboxes?)

... the vernissage was very well attended...

... also our new friends from Papier Gaché visited (Romina Pelagatti and Bastien Contraire, not in picture Volker Zimmermann)...

... and lots of others who we unfortunately didn't manage to take paparazzo pictures of. At least Alessandro Tota we shot from behind.

Here are screenshots of the great animations made for the exhibit. This erotic western was made by KIIN...

... here is a scene from the explosive film by Markus Haefliger & Anja Wicki ...

 ...and a shot before the shoot-out from Ernests Klavins' film.

This is how the wall of matches looks like. It will continue to grow and travel on with many new contributions from Italian artists and others we met during this trully amazing festival.

Thanks a lot to the people from Elastico and Bilbolbul for being so welcoming hosts and thanks for the financial support of the Istituto Svizzero di Roma and the Latvian Culture Capital Funds (VKKF) who made this all possible! Grazie Mille!!!!

For more pictures of the exhibition you can visit our facebook page or if you are in Bologna the exhibition is still open until the 14th of March.

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