7 March 2012

Tomi Ungerer exhibition in Riga

Pleasantly surprised we found out that the prolific illustrator Tomi Ungerer has an exhibition in Riga. Tomi Ungerer has published over 140 books ranging from children’s books to adult works. The exhibition in the aula of the Latvian Art Academy features 60 pieces including children's books illustrations, advertisements, erotica and satirical drawings and therewith gives a very interesting insight into the vast body of work. We were told it is the first such exhibition in this part of Europe. So you should definitely visit it if you are in Riga! Find more information on the site of the l'Institut français de Lettonie.

Here are some sneak peeks from the opening:


Before the opening we also visited the press conference together with Dace Sietiņa, who eagerly took notes...

... well she was drawing the following:
They used the Tomi Ungerer press conference also to tell that you should visit Alsace and Vidzeme where you can eat nice Pretzels and enjoy the beautiful nature. Well do that, but first visit the exhibition which is open until the 29th of March (free entry).

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