6 March 2012

Open call for š! #11

It is time for an open call and and the theme of š! #11 is  "artventurous".

We are looking for stories with a certain twist either inspired by art or about art.  The theme can be interpreted very widely - your work can be about adventures encountering art, making art, inspired by art, or in any other way very "artventourous".

Details of Participation:

- Theme: Artventurous
- Form: Comics (Drawings/illustrations might also be accepted, but no cartoons)
- Pages: maximum 16 (the whole book will be about 148 pages)
- Language: English (if Latvian, leave space for subtitles)
- Format of each page: DIN A6, width 105mm × height 148mm 
- Colors: Yes, CMYK 
- Resolution: 300 dpi, as tiff or pdf
- Bleed: In case you want your comics to be full bleed make sure to add 5 mm cut off space all around the comics (in this case the width of each page should be 105 mm and the height 158 mm). It is advised not to write texts and important details close to the page borders
- Story title: Would be good that you give the comics a name, this you can write as title on the first page.
- You can send more than one work if you really want, but please don't send more than three. Usually we publish only one comics by artist in one issue.
- Deadline: 27th of May 2012
- Submit only low resolution jpgs, but big enough to read.
- Send to kushmens(at)gmail(.)com

If you have any questions write us! You sending us your work doesn’t give a guarantee that we will publish it. If we decide to publish your comics you get about half a kilo or one pound of š! with your contribution inside. More info about kuš! you can find on our website www.komikss.lv. If you have never seen any issue of š! it might be helpful for you to take a glimpse at some excerpts or to buy a previous issue, so you can make up your mind if you really want to be published by us. We are looking forward to your submission!

Be bold, be brave, be artventurous!

Update: Within about 3 days we send a confirmation e-mail to each artist, that we have received their work. In case we haven't written you, then your submission might have been lost, so better write us to check!


  1. ooooooooohhhhhaaargh! my legs are shaking!

  2. I'll share this with those I want to see featured!! :)

  3. This is such a good idea :D

  4. What about the art for the cover? Can we submit for that?

  5. We haven't decided for the cover art yet, but there will not be an open call for that. We probably ask an artist who's comics we selected after May...

  6. Hi kuš!
    My question may be stupid, but by art do you mean fine art, or art in general e.g. music? :)

  7. Main idea was about fine art, though it not forbidden also to make a comic about other art forms such as theater, movies or music, if the connection seems strong enough for the art context.

  8. finished!
    i'll send it tomorrow! yay!

  9. I really want to enter work for kus 11 but I was wondering if it would be ok to start on the right hand page for my title/1st page so I could have a double page spread for pages 2 and 3 etc. I hope this makes sense! Please let me know!

    1. yes, you can arrange your pages the way you want, just tell us when you submit your work, if it should start on a right or on a left page.

  10. lot of questions concerning the deadline: Well don't worry too much about Latvian time, just send it until it is 24:00 at the 27th of May anywhere on earth....

  11. We now answered to all the contributors (almost 120) of this open call. Once again, thanks for all your great work, there are a lot of very impressive contributions and we have a very interesting selection ahead of us. If we didn't answer to you, then probably we didn't receive your contribution, so better write us a message!