25 August 2015

mini kuš! #34-37 are out now!

A refreshing final of a hot summer is guaranteed with these new mini kuš! by very fine comic artists from Denmark, USA, Hong Kong and Finland.

Mikkel Sommer tells the apocalyptic story of Laika's resurrection in Limonchik. In Theo Ellsworth's Birthday you will be the witness of a Inner-Space Birth Ritual. Lai Tat Tat Wing's Pages to Pages takes the power struggle between digital and analog to a whole new dimension, and Tommi Musturi's Snake in the Nose is just an utter utter nightmare...

Specs: Each book has 28 pages, full color throughout, offset printed locally in Riga on high quality environmentally friendly Munken paper, saddle stitch binding, handy format DIN A6. 

Get 'em: Order the mini kuš! collection for $18 here or get each mini kuš! separately for $6  (worldwide shipping costs already included in the price!) or pick them up from us on our World Tour. In case you'd also like to get the following kuš! releases, subscribe here.

A closer look:

mini kuš! #34

'Limonchik' by Mikkel Sommer

On November 3, 1957, the Soviets launched Sputnik 2 into space. Inside the spacecraft was a dog. Now, after more than half a century, Limonchik returns to the Earth. But to what end? Mikkel Sommer will show you.

mini kuš! #35

'Birthday' by Theo Ellsworth

Our hero is insanely nervous. He's about to undergo an intense psychic initiation known as the Inner-Space Birth Ritual. You'd be nervous, too! Theo Ellsworth has faithfully documented our hero's bizarre experience in the pages of Birthday.

mini kuš! #36

'Pages to Pages' by Lai Tat Tat Wing

Hold on to your chairs, Hong Kong artist Lai Tat Tat Wing takes you on a wild read from comics to comics, readers to readers, lovers to lovers, heroes to heroes, evils to evils, colours to colours, books to books, frames to frames, huge to huge, mini to mini... Pages to Pages...

mini kuš! #37

mini kuš! #37 'Snake in the Nose' by Tommi Musturi

Tommi Musturi's Snake in the Nose is a free-flow story about an angry man alone in his flat, reminiscent of a manic, badly-drawn Scooby Doo comic. It turns into a real nightmare after just a few pages - containing full frontal and rear nudity, and bad taste in general. Some would call this humour, but that's a bit doubtful.

Get ready for an explosion of colors and enjoy the full stories after you place your order here, lean back for a minute, and soon your mailbox gets properly fed!

Here's a list of shops who will mostly carry them as well pretty soon. If you're interested in wholesale, contact us at kushmens(at)gmail(dot)com.

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